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April 22, 2020 - NACoA Newsletter

Covid-19 and Parental Addiction - What Grandparents CAN Do

Children living with parental addiction “have been thrown into the lion’s den by public health regulations telling them to stay indoors....Sheltering at home can be hell.” 

-Tim Cermak, MD – NACoA founder and former Board Chair, offers an honest account of today's challenges for children of addiction in Sheltering At Home With an Addicted Parent, with introduction by William White.


Grandparents are searching for ways to help their grandchildren during these challenging, difficult times when the children are confined to the home where they are often not safe as their parents drink or use drugs. Jerry Moe, National Director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Children's Program, is recommending some effective resources to help grandparents help the children navigate through their daily challenges:  

  • Begin by going to This is the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA). Check out the Just 4 Kids and Just 4 Teens sections of the website.

  • Download the free Kit for Parents, an excellent resource to guide grandparents in assisting their grandkids.

  • Then check out Sesame Street in Communities. Click on the topic of Parental Addiction to find videos, an interactive story book, and coloring activities designed for 4-10 year olds.

  • Go to, and explore information on the Children’s Program. Here you’ll find essential resources to guide and assist children.

NACoA provides resources to diminish the fear and pain addiction causes in families, and to increase the hope and healing that all deserve.   

This content is owned by NACoA and is posted here as a public service announcement only.

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